Lost In My Infinite Memory chords with lyrics by Daniel Johnston - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Daniel Johnston – Lost In My Infinite Memory chords

[Verse 1]

A11/E A7Hi, how are you these days?
A11/E A7Everything seems sort of crazed
A11/E A7And I feel so lazy, I could cry
A11/E A7I feel like I could lay down and die
[Chorus 1]
C D AAnd I feel like my life is already gone
C D AAnd it seems so hard just to get it on
C D AThough I think I'll try just for fun
E GThough I fail
[Verse 2]
A11/E A7I love you all but I hate myself
A11/E A7And there doesn't seem to be anyone who can help
A11/E A7And everything has turned out bad
A11/E A7I'm so sad
[Chorus 2]
C D AWhy do you think I'll never give up?
C D ADrinking from my broken cup
C D AAlthough I'll never get enough
EI'll never fall in love again
G A11/EIt's a sin, I just can't win
[Verse 3]
A11/E A7It's like we were both stupid fools
A11/E A7And hatred and horror ruled our worn out brains
A11/E A7It's the same old songs of pain
A11/E A7Gone public domain
[Chorus 3]
C D AAnd it seems as if the road just goes on and on
C D AAnd I'm gonna write a letter to my friend Ron
C D AAnd my dad is outside mowing the lawn
E GTill the dawn
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