Elastica – Elastica tab

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??????Self-titled album

All songs tabbed by Jonathan Lam (lamv@spots.ab.ca).

Line Up
Car Song
Hold Me Now
Indian Song
Waking Up
See That Animal
Never Here

standard tuning, all power chords, distortion

*use x79xxx for all E except where stated.
**use x 9 11 xxx for all F# except where stated.

For some of the songs I didn?t bother doing the extra stuff so all that?s here really is the rhythm.

***************************************Line Up****************************************

B  D  C#  E


D  A  C

Before chorus:

G  B  E


Use 35xxxx for G
Use x24xxx for B
Use 02xxxx for E


Intro and verse:
Bb  Ab  Bb  Ab  Bb  Ab  Bb  Eb  D  C#

Other guitar doing Ab, at Eb, does

Sometimes, you may want to play this riff instead of Ab. Alternate between:
Before chorus: F# then,
e-B-G-10-11 keep repeatingD-A-E-
Other guitar doing F# Chorus: Eb F End on Bb ***************************************Car Song*************************************** F# A Bb B B# B Bb A use 24xxxx for F# ***************************************Smile****************************************** A D C ***************************************Hold Me Now*********************************** Verse: G C G D Chorus: D C G ***************************************S.O.F.T.**************************************** E D C# ***************************************Indian Song************************************* Verse: B Chorus: D E B Use very high D E B as song progresses. ***************************************Blue******************************************* A F E D ***************************************All-Nighter************************************** G D G D Bb D Bb D ***************************************Waking Up************************************** A C G A A D G A C B ***************************************2:1******************************************** Ab C# B C# C F# C# C ***************************************See That Animal********************************** Intro: B A B G Verse and Chorus: B A Ab G ***************************************Stutter***************************************** F# C# E B ***************************************Never Here************************************** Intro and Verse: B A D E D Before Chorus: B C# D E F# A B Ending A and B notes are higher. Chorus: E F# C# x2 G F# E G here is x 10 12 xxx ***************************************Vaseline**************************************** B E end on low E, 02xxxx ************************************************************************************** comments and suggestions welcome! ?hCH?qT3?CJ? 5??3?X?7 ??f???X?8???*P2???????3???a???s????)?GP?}_??T?k+?Fb}?ep?N1?c/?J_???v??1???cS?J???P?'?*????????X??&??????G?????Ke?#?-(???e?I?? b=???A{????D?((V?A????/8?????>9$????w-!$???H??ND??8J?7?7)snB?????Fi$3/:i7?]V?[??Y ??n????I??-????t?C?J? ???? ????YW$?????? ???{f?? ? ????????????*c??!?V?Fz??|???eo-??W?7M?F??8H???w ?LT????
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