Elastica – Line Up tab


hello girls and boys on line , someone like the elastica ?
I haven't found this crazy song on olga and so I have thinked to send
it at this newsgroup
there is anybody who knows the meaning of this song ?
line up
by elastica
Transcribed by Luigi De Troia 

all the song i think that it's based on a riff with four chords
 with different arrangment 

B D C# E

drivel head wears her glad rags
she's got her keysmoneyandfags
i know that her mind is made up
to get to rocked

drivel head needs a new man
as only a drivel head can
he's a hormonal nightmare
so beware

(chorus) ... i don't realize the words

drivel head knows all the stars
loves to suck their shining guitars
they've all been right up her stairs
do you care?

drivel head loves the new band
knews them like the back of her hand
you can't see the wood for the trees
on your knees


the bass line is something like this:

G--------------------------------------------------------------------D-----------------------3--5------3--5------2--4------2--4------5-7--A-----5-7------5-7--355--5--5-355--5--5-244--4--4-244--4--4-577--7-7- E-577--7-7-577--7-7--------------------------------------------------
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