Fields Of The Nephilim – For Her Light tab

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From: (Mad Marcus B)
Subject: TAB: For Her Light, by Fields Of The Nephilim

Same as usual.  This file is another with only a few riffs, and there are lots 
of  different versions of the song about,  so I'll let you put them  in  order 
yourself.  Shouldn't  be  difficult.  I've  included all the  riffs  that  are 
included  in all the different versions,  but alas I can't find a  place  that 
sells the single (can anyone help? Please?), so I don't know what that's like. 
I'm assuming it's like the version on "Revelations". The bit at the end sounds 
like  they've  played the music bacwards and put his voice through  a  reverse 
effect,  so  I haven't done that either.  Try using a distortion +  delay  for 
guitar  1  (my favourite effect),  and a chorus with a tiny bit of  delay  for 
guitar 2.

I'll  post  "At the Gates of Silent Memory" as soon as I've worked out  a  few 
fiddly bits. Enjoy.

Contact me through Mad Marcus B at

                                For Her Light
                          By Fields of the Nephilim

                          Tabbed by Pope Bovophobe V
                         (Version datestamp 17.2.95)

Riff 1- Guitar 1, distortion.

Riff 2- Guitar 2, clean. ~~~~~~~
Pre-Chorus- Guitar 1, distortion. (hardly a riff) ~~~~~~~~~~~ dakka dakka dakka dakka dakka dakka dakka dakka
Riff 3- Guitar 1, distortion. ~~~~~~~
Riff 4- Guitar 1, clean. ~~~~~~~
Riff 5- Guitar 1, distortion. ~~~~~~~
Notes ~~~~~ Well. Piece of fish, really. The more observant of you will have noticed that riff 5 is just an octave higher than riff 3. Riff 4 is *very* hard to hear, because of all the stuff going on in the background, however I think I've got it just about right. If you're feeling adventurous, use a power chord instead of an open A in riff 1. It's played sort of like this: Opening : Riffs 1 & 2 Verse : Riff 2 "When I feel..." : Riffs 1 & 2 "Can't wake up" : Riffs 3 & 4 Lyrics (taken from the sleeve from "Elizium" with the odd extra bit) ~~~~~~ He said: how lonely you are Waiting at the sunday park I'll elude you I will loose you Existing We're no soul apart You stand Stand on a platform Your effigy dissolves in my hands When I feel Like someone to lie on And I feel Like someone to rely on You can't wake up, you can't wake up You can't wake up... Illusions Born of the air Something Seems so precious there I'll elude you I will loose you As rehersal of my despair When I feel Like someone to lie on And I feel Like someone to die on You can't wake up, you can't wake up You can't wake up... Oh here me I'm what you have left Here I am In this necrologue of love ~~~~~~ Personally I don't think Carl (dear as he is) can spell: "here me" indeed. I'm sure he says "lose" instead of "loose" as well. Perhaps if it was anyone else it could be called ambiguity, but I've heard the man talk. ~~~~~~ Pope Bovophobe V is Arch Cyberpope, Ordo Templi Thermophilic Philopoles, C.P.P. "I saw their starved lips in the gloam, With horrid warning gaped wide, And I awoke and found me here, On the cold hill's side." -John Keats, after a surge of clairvoyance, found himself looking into the 80's.
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