Five Finger Death Punch – Bad Company chords

Alright guys, allow me to first say that this is my very first "Tab" per say in my 
life. From listening to the song "Bad Company" by Bad Company, and comparing to 
FFDP's version of it, the only thing going on is the song being taken down a few 
steps to get into the singers range. So, here's what I got.

Bm        A        Bm

Company always on the run
Bm A BmDestiny is a rising sun, oh
Bm A BmI was born, shotgun in my hand
Bm A BmBehind a gun, I'll make my final stand
Bm A That's why they call me
D E Bm ABad Company, but I can't deny
D E Bm ABad Company, 'til the day I die
F#m A Bm etc 'Til the day I die, 'til the day I die Rebel souls, deserters we are called Chose a gun, and threw away the sun Now these towns, they all know our name Shotgun sound is our claim to fame I can hear them say, Bad Company, and I won't deny Bad Company, 'til the day I die 'Til the day I die Bad Company, I can't deny Bad Company, 'til the day I die And I said, Bad Company, oh yeah yeah Bad Company, 'til the day I die 'Cause I'm young and I'm free Oh, but I'm in Bad Company
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