Frankie Cosmos – Jesse chords

A C#m F#mMe and Jesse stayed up ’til two
A C#m D F#mWe talked about dreams about things, about you
A C#m F#mIt felt like anything could be real or fake
A C#m D F#mLike our love is my world, but so is my heartache
AAnd I knew
C#m F#m DIf I thought really hard about flying
AI could probably do
F#m DIt I’m just too tired for trying
A E DI created a scorpion
A E Bm DThen had to kill it
A E Bm DJust like I loved you
A E Bm DAnd I had to will it
A E DTo end
A E D‘Cause I bent the rules and I’m scary
D E DMy dream
A E Bm DIs to see the world that I’m wearing
A C#m F#mI’ll have to break our deepest hopes
A C#m F#m DThey keep you in shape
A C#m F#mToo late to explain
A C#m D F#mHow many things of whole and good
AThe mirror
C#m F#m DGlittered all blue and silver
ABut I was never
C#m F#m DIn it to begin with
A E DI like to be a shadow
A E D A shadow
A E DMore deep when visible
A E DThan invisible
A E DOh to be
A E Bm DThe heart of the scenery
A E DOh to be
A E Bm DFilled with apathy
E DOh to be
A E F#m D AA little scared of me
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