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"the things that i used to do" guitar tab
by g. love and special sauce from their debut album

[this ain't perfect, but the chords are     ]
[similar and it doesn't sound *bad* this way]

e|------------------------| [et cetera...just fool around with those chords]B|-----3---4p3--0------3--| [and you should be cool...do the occaisional]G|-----3h4---3--0----0----| [little slide/fill and some funky bends andit's]D|--0--3-----3--0--0------| [all good.]A|------------------------|E|------------------------|
================================================================= "the things that i used to do" bass tab by g. love and special sauce from their debut album.
fig. 1G|--0---0----------------|D|----0---0--------------|A|----------3---0--2--3--|E|------------3----------|
repeat fig. 1 vamp throughout the song. ================================================================= "blues music" guitar tab by g. love and special sauce from their debut album.
verse D#(aug)(add6)E7#9e|-----------------------| [ In this section, the note(s) in the ]B|------------------8----| [ parenthesis () are alternated randomly, ]G|------(4)(5)-----7-----| [ with G. Love sometimes playing the B and ]D|----5-----------6------| [ sometimes playing the C, to my ear it sounds ]A|--6------------7-------| [ better with the C when playing alone, but ]E|-----------------------| [ the B sounds better when playing with the CD.]notes: B C [ Emphasize the high notes in the E7#9 chord. ]
choruse|-------------------| [ This is mainly just him sliding the chords ]B|-------------------| [ around. Listen to the CD to catch the rhythm-- ]G|--5/7-7--7---------| [ and use a clean sound and play it clean, not-- ]D|--4/6-6--6--4-6-7--| [ sloppy, although sloppy can be good for most-- ]A|--5/7-7--7--4-5-6--| [ of the other stuff that he plays. -- ]E|------------5-6-7------------------------------------------------------- ]
================================================================= "blues music" bass tab by g. love and special sauce from their debut album
verseG|-5-5---------|--7/9~--|[The first slide here: slow and raise your finger]D|----5/x2-----|--------|[off the string as you slide, so that by the time]A|---------2---|--------|[you get to around the 2nd fret, it's a buzzedout]E|-------------|--------|[note. The second slide: use vibrato--tastefully.]
chorusG|-------------------| [Here the slide is slow, but the notes ring out, so]D|-------------------| [don't be sloppy with it, but dont play it straight]A|--5/7-7--7---------| [either, swing it slightly--and smoothly. Sometimes]E|------------5-6-7--| [he doesn't play the A# (6th fret/E string) and he] [holds the A instead.]
================================================================= "this ain't living" guitar tab by g. love and special sauce from their debut album.
main verse and intro variation of introe|-------------------|---------------------|B|-------------------|---------------------|G|-------------------|---------------------|D|----8--5-----6--3--|-------8-5------6-3--|A|----7--5-----5--3--|---5/7------3/5------|E|--8--------6-------|---------------------|
================================================================= "this ain't living" bass tab by g. love and special sauce from their debut album
vamp throughout most of the songG|-----3-(0)-|-----1-----| [ it's pretty cut and dry here, just play the-- ]D|--------0--|-----------| [ rhythm and stay in pocket. Alternate the ()-- ]A|--3--------|--1-----3--| [ notes every once in a while. -- ]E|-----------|------------------------------------------------------------ ]
================================================================= "garbage man" guitar tab by g. love and special sauce from their debut album
intro verse verse fill bridge outroe|-----------------|---------------|------------|--------------|-------------|B|-----------------|---------------|------------|--6--5--5--7--|-------------|G|------5h7-5h7-5--|---------------|------------|--5--5--5--5--|-9b7---101010|D|-/0-0-0---0---0--|--0-0-0-0-4-0--|--5bfrp3----|--4--4--4--5--|----10-101010|A|-----------------|--5-5-4-5-5-5--|---------5--|--5--5--0-----|-------------|E|-----------------|---------------|------------|--------------|-------------|
[intro: slide into the open D from around the 10th fret on the D string. ] [verse: sloppy is good here--remember this is about a lazy little loveaffair] [ and play it with your eyes closed, and hit strings that aren'twriten] [ fill: pick the 5th fret and bend it up a full step, release it, and then pull-off to the 3rd and play the D (5th/A) staccatto ] [bridge:this part is near the end, and i dont know what else to call it,] [ 'cept a bridge...it's a free strum, changing the chords every sooften] [ ...also, in the last verse, these become sort of fills, strummed ] [ freely in between the little verse lick. ] [outro: drone the open D when you bend that E, and do the same type of bend ] [ as before, then play the 10th fret doublestops and the first chordin] [ the bridge section. ] ================================================================= "garbage man" bass tab by g. love and special sauce from their debut album
G|-------------7--|-------7--7~7--| [this is the skin and bones for it, ]D|----------------|---------------| [just add vibrato to that high D, and ]A|--5-5---5-5-----|--5-5----------| [stay in the groove--change it around ]E|----------------|---------------| [and add some of your own notes andfills] [as long as you stay within the chord ] [ (D7#9) and in the groove. ] [ D7#9= D F# A E F ]
================================================================= "eyes have miles" guitar tab by g. love and special sauce from their debut album
intro verse solo outro Bb7 Bb9 Bb7 Bb6 Bb7 (freestrum) Ab6e|--4--0--4--4--3--4---|--4--4--3h4--1--|--4-0-0--0--8br-----0--|--3-4-5--|B|--3--3--3--3--3--3---|--3--3--3-3--1--|--3-3-5b-5b-----8---8--|--2-3-4--|G|--3--3--3--3--3--3---|--3--0--3-3--1--|------------------7-7--|--2-3-4--|D|---------------------|----------------|-----------------------|---------|A|---------------------|----------------|-----------------------|---------|E|---------------------|----------------|-----------------------|---------|
[intro: pretty simple, just pulloff and hammeron, emphasis on the high notes.] [verse: freestrum, nothing organised and very sloppy; the Ab6 chord is tossed] [ in near the end of one of the verses, you can hear it clearly. ] [solo: this is partial (duh) but it covers the most important part(s), and ] [ just freestrum the last triad into the next verse. ] [outro: play the first 2 chords and hold the last chord. ] ================================================================= "cold beverage" guitar tab by g. love and special sauce from their debut album
intro and verse bridge lick 1 lick 2e|--------------------|-------|-----10-12-----|--10/--|B|------6--6--5-6/11--|---6---|--12b------12--|--12/--|G|----6----6--5-6/11--|---6---|--12b------12--|--12/--|D|--7-----------------|---7---|---------------|-------|A|--------------------|---0---|---------------|-------|E|--------------------|-------|---------------|-------|
[intro : play it fast and appregiate the chord, ] [ and : slide the 6th fret double stop to *approximately* ] [verses: the 11th fret. ] [bridge: strum this chord, adding the low A every once in a while] [ "stick it in the fridge/go girl/work the cold one..." ] [lick 1: you can hear him play this between some sections. ] [lick 2: "yo, when i'm fishin'..." ] =================================================================== print this out in a monospatial font at 'bout 8 point (10 max) and it'll come out okeh, it was done on a 80x24 screen and it fit. email questions/comments/requests to dpinie01@servax.fiu.edu or thatguy@pro-entropy.cts.com transcribed by david piniella. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Intelligence is not knowledge, knowledge is not wisdom, wisdom is not truth, truth is not beauty, beauty is not love, love is not music. Music is best." [Frank Zappa] "I keep talking just for talking." [G. Love] "...and--those who had a knack for it--lived happily ever after." [Baron Von Munchausen] I am me, these opinions not to be bought, sold, traded/exchanged or collected. ===============dpinie01@servax.fiu.edu/thatguy/uncle meat/dave===============
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