Girls – Honey Bunny chords

Chords transcribed by: Chris Winfield
Email: cwnfield AT vt DAWT edu
Date: 8/19/11 (Yes, it's over a month before the release of the album, I'm an officer in
college radio so we get promos early. I loved this song on first listen and did this out.)

Tuning: Standard
Capo 4
Girls does a lot of stuff on capo 4, but I think they keep a second guitar that is
providing some bassier stuff. This is for the main rhythm guitar you hear throughout 
most of
the song.

Intro: C

Verse: C F G

For the verse, there's some movement back and forth between the F chord there and an E.
If you want to the play the riff right, bar the F and slide your middle, ring and pinky
fingers back and forth.

Pre-chorus: Am

Chorus: CMy best guess at the guitar fill so far is
Bridge: C F Am G, second time has a different rhythm but the same chords. Ending: C It's pretty simple to play along too except the weird verse that is best done without a capo (with bar chords you can play without). In all likelihood, there's two guitars or multiple tracks here, one with capo and one without. Listen to the song, the two voices are present.
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