Gregory Alan Isakov - Master And A Hound chords

Gregory Alan Isakov - Master And A Hound
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Standard Tuning


(in some versions he has CAPO on III)

Chord formations relative to CAPO

C/G G Gmaj9/F# Em D/F# E|---0------3--3----------0------2---|B|---1------3--3----------0------3---|G|---0------0--0----------0------2---|D|---2------0--0----------2------0---|A|---3------2--0----------2------0---|E|---3------3--2----------0------2---|
Intro variations: Em slide to 8th fret (5th from CAPO) Hammer low E or D string during C/G picking Most G to Em progressions involve step through Gmaj9/F3
C/G GWhere were you when I was still kind
EmJust a water treader
C/G GWaiting on the line
EmJust a dry gin drinker
C/G GMaster and a hound
EmTurned a circus swinger
C/G GLook, he's coming down
C/GCan you shake it up
GJust once for me
Em C/GYour little globe just so we can see
G D/F#The snow blowing round your hands
C/GAnd the wing-nut turned
GThe song that we both know
Em C/GSent us flying round the carnival
G D/F#You can throw all your lucky coins on me
C/G G D/F# Em, C/G G D/F#, C/GOn me
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