Gus Johnson – This Video Is For A Tax Write Off chords

D A7 BmI just got a new key-tar
G A DIt's like a keyboard and gui-tar
D EI didn't really need this shit
G A DI just really wanted it
D A7 BmBut I don't wanna pay the tax
G A DThe IRS can kiss my ass
D EAnd I don't wanna fight them off
G A DSo I gotta write it off
D A7 BmThis whole damn video is just a ploy
G A DFor me to go and buy this stupid and expensive toy
D EIf I put this crazy keytar in a skit
G A Dthen the stupid IRS just can't do shit
D A7 BmI reported all my income and paid my rents
G A DBut believe me when I say this is a work expense
D EI think I'm in the clear, but before I go
N.C.I'll hit you with a hot keytar solo
[Solo] D A7 Bm G A D D E
G A D (x2)
N.C....I also bought these nerf guns
N.C.and this gamecube
N.C.and a rock salt lamp
N.C.and this little box that plays Harry Potter music when y-
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