Gus Johnson – California Christmas Sucks chords

C Cmaj7Shitty sidewalks, shitty sidewalks
FThere's no snow on the ground
G G7 Cadd9In the air, there's a bunch of smoke from the fires that killed all those people
C Cmaj7No one's laughing, too much traffic
FNobody makes eye contact when I'm just trying to say hi
G CAnd on every street corner there's a homeless man peeing in a Gatorade bottle
CThis is Hell
FThis is Hell
G G7 CGod and Santa have forsaken this wasteland
C Cmaj7 FRing-a-Ling, the- *coughing*
Fmaj7That man is asking for spare change while he's peeing into a Gatorade bottle
G Gaug CLos Angeles sucks so bad during Christmas time
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