Gus Johnson – The Failing Couples Of Facebook chords

DWe're together yes, we're dating and it's going really bad
GBut we don't want all our friends to know that we are really sad
AI want to stick it to those bitches Pam and Kimberly from work
Dsus4 DIf my mom finds out we're splitting she will be a real jerk
DWe both seem pretty sad, but I don't want our friends to know
Gyou're right you stupid dummy, so let's go put on a show
ALet's post some sappy captions and some photos on the town
Dsus4 DMaybe then our pals will think we're filled with smiles instead of frowns
D'He's the best!' 'She's the one!' 'So impressed!' 'Having fun!'
GWhen it comes to happy couple's we are couple number one
AOur mission is accomplished, we faked another day
Dsus4 DAnd now we're filled with pain- we'd rather stuff it all away
N.C.Think we nailed it
N.C.Shut up
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