Gus Johnson – Peeing On The Seat chords

[Chorus 1]
DI took a little pee
AI dribbled on the seat
Bm GI see no problem, what's the harm
A DIn wiping with my feet?
[Verse 1]
Bm GA sock is just a towel
A D D/C#That is wrapped around your foot
Bm GThere's nothing wrong with using it
ATo wipe away your schmutz
DYes there is
G(Sweetheart, what's this?)
DIt's obvious
G(I'm trying to piss)
[Chorus 2]
DThat is disgusting
AI'll have no such thing
Bm GYou're in trouble, urine bubbles
A DAren't for socking cling
[Verse 2]
Bm GBabe, that's just revolting
A D D/C#And when will you ever learn
Bm GThat walking 'round in urine
AWill just fill the place with germs?
DWait a minute
G(Yes, what is it?)
DTake it back
G(And why is that?)
[Verse 3]
Bm GYou've gone and blown a snotty sneeze
A D D/C#Right into both your hands
Bm GThat's fifteen times as germy
Em ABut I get your reprimand?
[Verse 4]
Bm GBut this was just an accident
A D D/C#While yours was lame and gross
Bm GYou're filling up this house with nasty
Em AResidues the most
DBut sweetheart, that'll never matter
GNot one single ounce
BmThat's good advice
EmThis place is nice
ABut it's not even our house
G A DWe're just robbing the place
N.C.Ha-ha! Suck it, homeowners!
N.C.I got a bunch of pee on the floor, too.
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