Fire On The Mountain tab with lyrics by Hanson - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Hanson – Fire On The Mountain tab

Fire on the Mountain
Hanson - The Walk

Transposed by Matt Donley

This song is Dropped D, and also Drop B and E
Tune your B string so it sounds like the G string held on the second fret
Then tune your high E string so it sounds like the B string held on the fifth fret
Your low E string should be dropped D as well.

Strumming patterns you'll have to figure out yourself, just listen to the song as you 
it, you'll hear it.

IntroD-0---0------0--0--0---|A-0---0------0--0--0---|G-12--11-----4--0--4---| 2XD-0---0------0--0--0---|A-12--12-----5--5--5---|D-0---0------5--5--5---|
VersesD-0--0---------------0------------0-------------------------------|A-0--0---------------0------------0-------------------------------|G-0--0---------------2------------2-------------------------------|D-5--5---------------0------------2-------------------------------|A-4--5---------------2------------0-------------------------------|D-5--5------------------------------------------------------------| Sit secure in time honored traditions made... Never wondering where or when the sickle may come If we don't seek our knowledge to be greater men When the rain starts falling drown before we get our feet wet
D-0---0------0--0--0---|A-0---0------0--0--0---|G-12--11-----4--0--4---| 2XD-0---0------0--0--0---|A-12--12-----5--5--5---|D-0---0------5--5--5---| Whoaaa
VersesD-0--0---------------0------------0-------------------------------|A-0--0---------------0------------0-------------------------------|G-0--0---------------2------------2-------------------------------|D-5--5---------------0------------2-------------------------------|A-4--5---------------2------------0-------------------------------|D-5--5------------------------------------------------------------| We build our ivory towers to protect us from the flood A fleet of vessels made of wood so they won't rust But can we see the bottom of the bottle when we start to drink? There's fire on the mountain fire and it's coming our way
D-0---0------0--0--0---|A-0---0------0--0--0---|G-12--11-----4--0--4---| 3XD-0---0------0--0--0---|A-12--12-----5--5--5---|D-0---0------5--5--5---|
ChorusD-0-------------0--0---|A-0-------------0--0---|G-0-------------9--11--|D-5-------------0--0---|A-5-------------9--12--|D-5-------------0--0---| Can we pick the Pieces up * * * We're mending Babylon Tryin' to right the wrong * * * Can we pick the pieces up
Bridge thingyD-0--0--0--0--0--0--0-|A-0--0--0--0--3--2--0-|G-9--7--6--4--0--0--2-|D-0--0--7--5--0--0--0-|A-9--9--7--5--3--2--0-|D-0--0--0--0--0--0--0-|
Live learn life love die dust gone * * * * * * * Intro Chorus Bridge thingy
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