Joel Plaskett – Im Yours chords

I'm Yours - Joel Plaskett - watch Joel and his Pa' record the song

Capo 5


G G* G/C / C        / D            /C Csus2 /     Em D  /G (G/C)

GMet you by the third floor window
DI was acting like a high school flirt
GYou were putting on my make up
DI was looking down your shirt
You told me that you had a boyfriend Didn’t stop from thinking thoughts Listening to the French Inhaling Connecting all the pretty dots
CWondering where the hell you came from
Em CDancing on the hardwood floors
G D C G(Oh) I'm yours
Striking up a love long distance Striking up a killer band Never thinking about my own existence Never questioning the love I had Trying hard to pull you closer Trying to turn the east to west Hanging from the clouds, hanging from the ceiling Buttoning a corduroy vest Wondering where the hell you came from Stepping through your parlour doors (Oh) I'm yours G D C G (Repeat Intro)
G G* G/C Don't matter who you know
C Ddon't matter what you do
C Csus2 Em D GI belong to you
G G* G/C Anywhere you go
C DI'll be going to
C Csus2 Em D GI belong to you
C Csus2 Em D GI belong to you
C Csus2 Em D C C G G/C G Em D G
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