John Fullbright – Moving chords

Capo 2

G C GOld man broke down on the side of the road
Stop and see if maybe I can lighten his load He opened the door and he thanked me in kind Told me the words that would open my mind (he said)
GDon’t worry about gasoline
CWe’re moving
Don’t worry about the tv screen We’re moving Don’t worry about the bombs that fall We’re moving Don’t worry about nothing at all There’s a man in the alley just a’singing the blues Telling everybody that they’re born to lose Well one day he’ll wake up and see the sun See that everyday we’re breathing is a day we’ve won :Bridge:
DThere’s times the lines get hard to see
CAnd there’s days the haze takes over me
GBut in the end you’re gonna grit your teeth
CAnd keep moving
Well the world will keep turning when I’m dead and gone I’ll see you again and it won’t be too long Maybe we’ll meet in a place where there ain’t no pain Until that day my song remains
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