John Fullbright – I Only Pray At Night chords

F  (Bb) F
F  (C)  F
F  (Bb) F

[Verse 1]
F Bb FI Only Pray At Night when the world disappears
F Bb F C (in transition to D)Put away and out of sight, I confront my fears
Dm Dbdim F/C BbI am proud, I am strong, Im endowed just as long;
Db CAs its light, I only pray
FAt night
[Verse 2]
(Am) Bb FI only try so hard to make you understand
Bb F F/EIve got an unmarked card, youve got the upper hand
Dm Dbdim F/C Bb DbIm afraid, to behave, in a way, that would leave; me scarred
CI only try
FSo hard
A7 AAnd its funny, aint it funny, what aint funny in the dark
Bb F Gm F Bb F Gm FIts a mystery to me what my mind will see
A7 AAnd its something, aint it something, when you miss that mark
Bb G7/B Csus4 CAnd you get down on your knees to pray
[Verse 3]
Bb FI only fly so high until I come back down
Bb F Fsus4 F (on each beat)Only travel so far until I turn around
(F/E) Dm Dbdim F/C BbIf you cant wait for me to land go on ahead I understand
Db CIf you cant try, I only fly
FSo high
(Soft Part)
Gm F/A Bb Bbsus2Make me cry, cry, cry
Gm F/A Bb Bbsus2 BbI dont know where to go when it dont seem right
GmI only fly so high
(Am) BbI only try so hard
F (Bb) FI Only Pray At Night
F (C) F F (Bb) F
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