John Fullbright – Jericho chords

G      Em   Bm    D
G      Em   Bm    D
Am  C        G
Am  C        D      D/C   D/B   D/A

G Em Bm D I go searching through this world
G Em Bm D I wait on something to unfurl
Am C G Thinking back on toys and paper dolls
Am C D D/C D/B D/A Now all I ever find are walls
G Em Bm DTried to find myself out east
G Em Bm DMaybe find comfort there at least
Am C G When I got there all I found
Am C D D/C D/B D/A Somebody burned it to the ground
G Em Bm D So let your trumpets blow
G Em Bm D ‘Round the walls of Jericho
Am C G Let your mighty voices sound
Am C D D/C D/B D/A Till the walls come tumbling down
I searched for days for you out west And I was greeted like a guest Into the desert’s open arms Finding not your child-like charms If these thoughts I hold be true I lay down my traveling shoes And let the vines grow over me Let the earth swallow my dreams (Chorus) Let my trumpet blow ‘Round the walls of Jericho Let my mighty voice be heard And speak not another word (Harmonica solo) Throw your arrows and your slings And your other precious things Outside your gate I will stand tall As you cower behind your wall Look inside your self to see Where these walls appear to be Let your soul step out to breathe Swallow whole your dignity (Chorus) Let your trumpet blow Round the walls of Jericho Let your mighty voices sound Till the walls come tumbling, come tumbling down (Harmonica solo)
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