Learning How To Die tab with lyrics by Jon Foreman - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Jon Foreman – Learning How To Die tab

Artist: Jon Foreman
Song: Learning How To Die
Album: Fall And Winter (Credential/LowerCase People) (2008)
Composer: Jon Foreman

This song is really beautiful and peaceful, ah, and yeah, we're all gonna die someday,
if you never knew, ha… I guess this is the way Jon plays it, I heard the song and saw a
video on YouTube, with Keith Tutt, I guess… so… let me know what you think…


G C F Dsus D B5/E B5/C Cadd9 A7?e|--3--0--3--3-----2---0-----0-----3-----3--|B|--3--1--1--3-----3---0-----0-----3-----3--|G|--2--0--2--2-----2---4-----4-----0-----0--|D|--0--2--3--0-----0---4-----4-----x-----2--|A|--0--3---------------2-----3-----3-----0--|E|--3------------------0--------------------|
G Cadd9 A7sus Dsus D Dsuse|-----3-3-3-3--|--3--------|-----3-3-3--|--3-3-2-2-3--|B|-----3-3-3-3--|--3--------|-----3-3-3--|--3-3-3-3-3--|G|-----2-2-2-2--|--0--------|-----0-0-0--|--2-2-2-2-2--|D|-----0-0-0-0--|--x--------|-----2-2-2--|--0-0-0-0-0--|A|--------------|--3---3-2--|--0--0-0-0--|-------------|E|--3-----------|-----------|------------|-------------|
(If you’re a novice in tabs, and this seems confusing, there's a note at the end) Verse I: G C2 I'm gonna miss you A7sus D-Dsus-D G-> [Repeat Intro] I'm gonna miss you when you're gone… G C2 She says I love you A7sus D-Dsus-D G-> [Repeat Intro] I'm gonna miss hearing your songs Pre-Chorus: B5/E B5/C B5/E I said "Please, don't talk about the end B5/C B5/E B5/C Don't talk about how every living thing goes away" B5/E Dsus She said "Friend… Chorus: G A7sus C2 "All along thought I was learning how to take A7sus G How to bend, not how to break G A7sus C2 How to live, not how to cry D But really I've been learning how to die, F C G-> [Repeat Intro] I've been learning how to die…" Verse II: G C2 A7sus Hey everyone… D-Dsus-D G-> [Repeat Intro] I've got no where to go G C2 A7sus The grave is lazy D-Dsus-D G-> [Repeat Intro] It takes our bodies slow… [Pre-Chorus and Chorus] F C …I've been learning how to… Outro: G-C2-A7sus-D Die… G-C2-A7sus Die… D I've been learning how to die F C G I've been learning how to… ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Note: G [3x0033]: Your middle finger on 3rd fret and 6th string and muting 5th string, ring pinky on 3rd fret. Cadd9 or C2 [-3x033]: middle on 3rd fret and 5th string (mute with this finger the 4th ring and pinky on 3rd fret. A7sus [-02033]: index on 2nd fret and 4th string, ring and pinky on 3rd fret. (I think just play the A string and then, the highest 3 strings). [I'm note quite sure about the of this chord] Dsus [--0233]: index on 2nd fret and 3rd string, ring and pinky on 3rd fret, middle in fret, so just lift your pinky and it's D, then put it back really fast and it's Dsus. (I that in studio version it sounds like D7, but it's a little complicated so this sounds too and is much easier.) B5/E [024400]: index in the 2nd fret and 5th string, ring and pinky on 4th fret; for the [-34400]: doing the previous chord, just press with your middle the 5th string on the fret. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I should be right, anyway try it and rate or comment, you can also mail me: (it's a zero in j053), for any question, correction or comment, but I hope this may be to you. GOD bl3s5 u all, brothers and sisters… j:053[d:]montNgro, your Latino brother.
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