Julien Baker – Conversation Piece chords


A  F#m  D  Bm


[Verse 1]


A            F#m        D

Please don’t look at me that way

     Bm          A         F#m          D            Bm

Your eyes are so heavy and I’m not that interesting

   A        F#m      D          Bm

If I had it my way I would be a ghost

    A           F#m

And abandon the white sheet

D            Bm

God, it’s so hard to be seen



A     F#m      D        Bm


[Verse 2]

A     F#m


D              Bm        A      F#m

Think I’d like to be invisible

        D            Bm         A       F#m       D     Bm

Become one with the living room wallpaper at your party

A       F#m       D

Wouldn’t mind disappearing

    Bm         A             F#m

But you always say you would miss me

D        Bm

Who am I kidding?

 A        F#m

Even if I meant it

    D              Bm

I’d probably still visit

  A            F#m        D       Bm

I know how you hate to be lonely

        A       F#m       D         Bm

I could float a-round and rearrange objects

   A       F#m           D         Bm

To a conversation piece



A          F#m           D         Bm


[Verse 3]

A          F#m           D


Bm           A      F#m     D         Bm        A

Come back as anyone else, a better version of myself

  F#m         D        Bm

A costumed monstrosity

       A       F#m            D        Bm

And it already feels when you hold me

          A                F#m              D      Bm

That your hands could pass right through my body

          A            F#m           D      Bm

So do you think when I die I’d get a second try?

      A          F#m      D            Bm

To do everything right I couldn’t the first time?



A   F#m   D   Bm x4

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