Kero Kero Bonito – Sometimes chords

[verse 1]

DSometimes, life gets you down
EmBut you can turn it all around
Em Em7 AThe raindrops keep falling, you're soaking to the bone
D AAnd you can't see for the clouds
DSometimes, life isn't fair
EmBut you can beat it, don't despair
Em7You win some, you lose some
AAnd then you lose some more
D GYou even played your best,
[bridge] but just round the corner
GmThe sun's looking dapper
F#m BAnd Lady Luck's his date
G G7 AThe happy days are coming again
[verse 2]
DSometimes, life is a drag
EmBut get that chin up, don't be sad
Em Em7 A'Cause somebody up there is looking out for you
DAnd now they're makin' plans
[Interlude] D G A D Bb A [coda]
GBut just round the corner
Gm F#m BWell, the real truth of it's that nobody really knows
GLife sure doesn't make sense
GmBut on your boots you can bet
F#m D G A D Bm G AThat everybody gets the blues sometimes
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