Little Big Town – Sober chords

This is my first tab EVER! I tried to get the chords in the right spots but I 
couldn't quite get it perfect enough..just listen to the song and you'll be able 
to sound it out. Super simple and pretty :)

Cadd9 G Dsus4I wanna walk that line a little crooked
Cadd9 G Dsus4And live my a life a little on the rocks
Cadd9 GLaugh at every time I fell
Dsus4 Em Dsus4Not afraid to make a fool of myself
Cadd9 G Dsus4And keep on dancing when the music stops
GCause I love being in love, it's the best kind of drug
Cadd9Drunk on the high, leanin' on your shoulder
GSweet like wine as it gets older
Dsus4 Cadd9 GWhen I die I don't wanna go sober
Dsus4 Cadd9 GOh when I die I don't wanna go sober
Cadd9 G Dsus4You're like drinking from a never ending bottle
Cadd9 G Dsus4When I think it's gone theres always a little more left
Cadd9 GLay back with you and close my eyes
Dsus4 EmLet the big 'ol world just spin on by
Cadd9 G Dsus4And saying your name with my last breath
(Chorus) Cadd9 G Dsus4 (Chorus) x2
Dsus4 Cadd9 GOh when I die I don't wanna go sober
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