Liveloud – See Thee Rise chords

F#m D A E (x2)

F#m DGod of endless faithfulness
A EYour victory we proclaim
F#m DWith you our journey to our cross
A EWill never be the same
F#m DOpen up our eyes to see you
A EStir our hearts to burn with love
F#m DHear our prayer to hope again
A ELead us on our way
Bm F#m EBreathe on me
Oh Holy Spirit
Bm F#m EMove in me
AWe will see thee rise
EWe will see thee rise
F#mIn our hearts and in our lives
DJesus your love brings us to life
[Bridge] (x4)
D EUnited as one we will go forth
D F#m EUnited to the ends of the earth
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