Liveloud – Your Majesty chords


C FLord, You are the fire who never fades
C FThe King who reigns forever and ever
C FYour presence is light to all existence
C FYour voice brings hope to nations and generations
C FLord, You are the rescue who never fails
COur strength in this stand against doubt and
C FYour spirit brings wisdom in this freedom
EmThy will be done...
FThy will be done....
C FWe live, By your glory
EmSend forth your fire,
FConsume the earth
C FWe hold on to your promise
EmOh we want to see...
FThe day the world, kneels down to you
C-F-Em-FOh ohh ohh ohhh (2x)
(Verse) – (Bridge)- (Chorus)
C-F-Em-FOh ohh ohh ohhh (2x)
Oh reign your majesty [Outro]
C-F-Em-FOh ohh ohhh ohhh
Oh ohh ohhh Oh reign your majesty
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