Liveloud – They Wont Come Near chords

Intro: DG/A

Verse I:
D G/AI dwell in Your shadow, Almighty
D G/AThe roar of the wicked echoes in the dark
DI hide under Your wings
G/AThey won’t come near
Em F#m GA9They won’t come near
GI call upon Your Name, my refuge
D9As the angels, charge
GYou clothe me with salvation
GDeliver me from fear
D9They won’t come near
Em F#m G A9They won’t come near
D9 A9In the midst of Your presence
G DI’m dignified, I am restored
Em F#m DYour might tramples down my enemies
Em F#m G A9Lord in this war, Your faithfulness is my battle cry
D9The arrows and plagues
GThe lions and snakes
D9They won’t come near
-- After 4th repeat
Em F#m GAThey won’t come near
***Special thanks to my bandmate Rodino Sim for figuring out the chord progression of the song; this was based on the video uploaded by Brother Bodit Enon himself. ***Greetings from Singles for Christ Central B2 Greenwoods Chapter! :D ***Please check-out this YFC/SFC/CFC Song Compilation na ginawa ko :) Andito karamihan ng Liveloud Songs :) ***Please like the official Facebook page of Praiseworthy:
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