Mark Russell – Im A Clone chords

[Verse 1]
DOh I don’t know where I came from till this very day.
A7 DThe fact of my origin I hesitate to say.
GSome were born in a hospital, some in a home.
A7 DI’m a chip off the old block. Shake hands with a clone.
[Verse 2]
DOh they took a little cell from my very own self
A7 DAnd conceived another me on a laboratory shelf.
GYou can call it immoral and a practice to drop,
A7 DBut one thing’s for sure. I’m my very own pop.
DI’m a clone. I’m a clone.
Em A7 DAnd if you don’t like it, leave me alone.
DAnd I’ll get along, just livin' free,
Em A7 DKeeping myself company.
[Verse 3]
DOh the life of a clone is an oddity
A7 D’Cause every Father’s Day I send a card to me.
GTwo birth certificates and two telephones.
A7 DAnd my favourite group... is the Rolling Clones.
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