Mark Russell – It Is An Faa Regulation chords

[Verse 1]
CFlight sixty-two from Chicago is ready for boarding,
G7But don’t all rush aboard the plane,
G7Unless you’re travelling with small children or need extra assistance.
CLast chance to change your mind and maybe take the train.
CGo directly to the gate and remember no smoking,
C7 FYour boarding pass is in your ticket packet.
CPresent it to the flight attendant as you board the aircraft
G7 CAnd don’t make jokes about the bomb you’re hiding in your jacket.
[Verse 2]
CIt is an FAA regulation
Dm CThat all carry-on items be placed beneath your seat.
CAnd don’t put your bowling ball in the overhead compartment
Dm G7’Cause if we crash it might fall down and hurt somebody’s feet.
[Verse 3]
F CPlease pay attention to the safety regulations.
F CIf oxygen runs out, here is what we plan.
F CA little yellow mask will drop down from the ceiling.
G7 CThose of you in coach, just hold your breath until we land.
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