Mark Russell – The Last Time I Saw Chernobyl chords

[Verse 1]
G D7 The last time I saw Paris she lost her old appeal.
Cm D7 Am7 D7 G A yellow cloud came floating in direct from Chernobyl.
[Verse 2]
G D7 The same applies to Brussels and Amsterdam so fair.
Cm D7 Am7 D7 G Berlin and Bonn have taken on a Union Carbide air.
[Verse 3]
A A7 D A A7 D If adventure is your oyster, in Europe get your fill.
A B7 E Am7 D7 If the terrorists don’t get you, the radiation will.
[Verse 4]
G D7 I’ll stay here in America, vacation time is great.
Cm D7 Am7 D7 G How safe we’ll feel behind the wheel here on the interstate.
[Verse 5]
A A7 D A A7 DI-ninety-five and 101 and US-eighty-four,
A B7 E Am7 D7Dodging trucks and road construction, and drunk drivers by the score.
[Verse 6]
G D7 Rejecting current wisdom, I’ll laugh at fear instead.
Am7 D7 E7 Am7 D7 G I’m sending you a postcard from here under my bed.
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