Mixtapes – Midnight From Red To The Blue chords

D Bm  x2

[Verse 1]
D Bm Are you a drunken mess?
D Don't leave alone
BmDon't be so stressed
GAre you having a bad night?
A D Bm Do you want to go home?
[Verse 2]
D Bm Don't wake up feeling bad
D It's not your fault
BmIt's all you had
GAnd if you're having a bad night
A D Bm You don't have to go home
[Verse 3]
D Bm Don't wait around he'll never call
D Don't stick around
Bm G AIt's not that hard to find somebody who really cares about you
[Chorus 1]
D G I lie awake
BmI try to forget
A DAnd I know there's always something left
G BmA piece of somebody you'd rather forget
ABut I'll never ever let myself be like that
[Chorus 2]
D G Bm So you try and you try and you'd rather die
A DBut it's what's inside that keeps you alive
G BmIt's not better today but it's better that way
ADon't say you'll change
DJust don't see it their way
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