Mixtapes – The New Ride The Lightning chords

Intro: D




D G D Bm D G A

[Verse 1]
D G A GSo what's the point I can't do much unless it's free
A GThere's so much smoke and I can't see
A GI'll spend the night with my TV
[Verse 2]
D G A GAnd I'll admit my favorite songs are all the same
A GBut at least I think I can relate
A GI'm talking to myself it's great
[Chorus 1]
Bm G DAt least I know there's always room for some second guessing
Bm G DThat song sucks. You're a sucker for more.
D Bm G DMaybe I'll just scatter all across the floor
AI won't be bothered anymore
GAnd these are the reasons that I can't ignore
[Verse 3]
D GI'm poor and weird
A GI'll keep this brief and not pretentious
A GI'm not trying to be contentious
A GOne day I will come to my senses
[Verse 4]
D G A GWasting time I don't mind the conversation
A GI get bored so I don't listen
A GPlease forgive me cause I'm just
[Chorus 2]
A G Listening to ride the lightning
A GI don't care so don't remind me
A G DI'm just waiting for inspiration to strike me
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