Moonglow chords with lyrics by Mixtapes - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Mixtapes – Moonglow chords

Standard Tuning
Amazing band, short but awesome song.

A(rapid strum)
D G A (pluck 6 and then pull off 7 to 6 on G)You know that I'll be singing, when the morning comes
D G ACause every time I fall asleep, I wake up alone
D G AAnd my voice is dying, I can barely say a word
D(let ring) G(let ring) A(let ring)So I'll just drive away
G A (Palm Mute)And oh oh
DI'd like to try and find a way
G Aoh oh
DTo take this all away with
G Ame - e
D G A DHolding out not giving in
G A D (Strum)I used to try to find the answers
G A D GBut I know, now that I don't really care
A DHey, I'm just cool with anything
G A D GWe could get away, I don't need to get away
A D GToday the phone hasn't rang at all
A D GBut I like it better when they don't call
A D G A DSo I can stay home by myself
G A D(short) (Speed up and end on D)
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