Mixtapes – 8PM The Apple Barn chords

[Verse 1]
EI've been thinking about heading south
AWhere they say it never gets cold
EAnd people go to grow old
AAnd talk about the good old days
[Verse 2]
E AI've been thinking of the reasons why I stay
EAnd so far I've got about a page
ABut I still wonder what it'd be like
Without me here to make you [Chorus]
F#m AMad and I'm not even close to finished
F#mSo don't count me out
AI'd be fine if I could ever figure out just what is I'm talking about
[Instrumental] E A [Verse 3]
E AI've been doing things I never thought I'd do
EAnd saying things I'd never say
ASo just trust that one day I'll be coming back here to tell you why
E AI acted like I did and said all those stupid things I said
E A E EAnd always told everyone that I'd be rich and famous one day
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