Phil Wickham – Heaven Song chords

Intro: Em   D/F# G 
       Em D/F# G C

Em D/F# GYou wrote a letter and You signed Your name
Em D/F# G CI read ever word Read it page by page
EmYou said that You’d be coming
D/F# GComing for me soon
Em D/F# C GOh my God I’ll be ready for You
C G(‘Cause) I want to run on greener pastures
D EmI want to dance on higher hills
C GI want to drink from sweeter waters
D EmIn the misty morning chill
C GAnd my soul is getting restless
D EmFor the place where I belong
C G DI can’t wait to join the angels and sing my heaven song
Verse 2:
Em D/F# GI hear Your voice and I catch my breath
Em D/F# G CWell done my child enter in, in rest
Em D/F# GAs tears of joy roll down my cheek
Em D/F# C GOh it’s beautiful beyond my wildest dreams
Chorus x2
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