Phil Wickham – Crumble To Pieces chords

Listen to the song for exact timing.

Intro: Bm// A/// C#m// B/// Bm// A/// /E/ (2x)

Verse 1

E BmYou raise me beyond the skies,
A E into a city of eternal light
E BmLooking down on the stars,
A C#m B Bm G F#mI fly into heaven, caught up in your arms
B F#m C#m EbmajI Breathe Your fragrance, taste your goodness,
Abm BCrumble to pieces
G F#mInto Your love
B F#m C#m EbmajIn Your presence all my existence
Abm BCrumbles to pieces
G F#mInto Your love
Verse 2
E BmI'm speechless what can I say
A EWords become tears, As You wipe them away
E BmAll my kisses and crowns at your feet
A C#m B Bm G F#mFire of heaven burn love over me
B AIt's such a beautiful story
B F#mI'm face to face with the King of glory
B F#m A F#m back to ChorusYou rescued someone unworthy, I know this is love
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