Rachael Yamagata – Quiet tab

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-This song is off of the year 2000? demo album Tracks In July but has never been
released. They say that there's some of these precious albums out there on Ebay or somewhere.
anyway, this was when she was younger-by about 23 when she made this song so enjoy!!! 
can listen to this song in youtube to learn this w/ rhythm.

Intro/Verse: C C (go up a string, same position)e----------------------------|--0h1-0-------0h1-0--------|b-----1-0------1-0-------1-0-|-------1--1-0------1-----1-|g---------0--------0---------|---------------------------|d-----2-2------2-2-------2-2-|----------3-3------------2-|a---3-3-3----3-3-3-----3-3-3-|----------3-3----------3-3-|E--3--3-3---3--3-3--3-3--3-3-|---------1--1---------3--3-|
Chorus: Em Well, a sense of warmth inside this darkness inside my head Am Realize that i am relatively special so I'm G C Qui-et instead Verse 1: and you were standing on the edge and the air was oh so clear and you were so astounding in sounding in my ears come thundering in now the weather's come and gone and feel flip and see of you wrap my mind around you so it feels like your near under my skin (chorus) ----Listen to song to determine 2nd verse_-------
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