Rachael Yamagata – Heavyweight chords

Tabbed by Joe (tabs at stype dot org)

A      002220
Dmaj7  xx0222
Bm7    x24232
E      022100
Amaj7  x02120
A7     x02020
Adim   x01212
F#m    244222

AYou think you are such a heavyweight
Dmaj7It don't mean nothing at the end of the day
AThere is not a thing here left to break
Dmaj7I won't feel nothing there is nothing you can say to
Bm7make me feel like I should walk away
E AI'll help you bear your heavyweight
AYou can take your anger out on me
Dmaj7Oh whats it matter if my hope gets shattered
Bm7 EI will help you through all your mistakes
AI'll carry you your heavyweight
Bm7 ENo matter what you do No matter what you say
Amaj7 A7You're pulling punches you're pulling punches
Bm7 EHit below the belt You give yourself away
Amaj7 A7I'm pulling for you I'm pulling for you
DSuch a losing ??? baby Don't give up tonight
we'll be ok A A Adim Adim Bm E
AYou think you are such a heavyweight
AdimBut I'm sure of something
Bm7You don't have to be afraid to cry
Ejust show me what you've got inside
F#mI can be your place to hide
AdimIf you would just release your pride
Bm7win or lose I'm by your side
E Agive up your heavyweight tonight
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