Rachael Yamagata – Stick Around chords

Tabbed by Joe (tabs at stype dot org)

I may have some of the lyrics wrong, they are difficult to hear near the end.

F (4 measures)

FBaby you've caught my eye
F7 Gm CI think I might need you to stay a while
Gm C7 Am DmFor I haven't seen a smile quite as lovely as yours for a while
Gm C7 FStick around, I'll be good to you
FBaby I think you know
F7 Gm CWhen I get my arms around you, boy, I won't let go
Gm C7 Am DmWhen you find a spark to awaken your precious heart
Gm C7 F F7Stick around and we'll see it through
F F# G BbmI've been in trouble before with my rushing in
FBut I'm willing to take that chance again
A7And if we get caught in some breezy wind
Dm Gwe can just get swept away
BbmWhat do you say?
F F7Baby make up your mind
Gm CCause you know I don't want to waste time
Gm C7 Am DmWe don't have a lot to loose. We'll decide to choose
Gm C7 F7Stick around, I'll be good to you
Gm C7 F7Stick around, I'll be good to you
F Fdim F
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