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From: (Doug Merrett)
Subject: Stan Rogers - Witch of the Westmorland

This song was actually written by Archie Fisher, as I believe was Giant.

Doug Merrett

The Witch of the Westmorland
Archie Fisher

G                   C            G               Em7
Pale was the wounded knight that bore the rowan shield

G                      D7       Em          C                  D
Loud and cruel were the raven's cries that feasted on the field

        G                  C          G                 Em7
Saying beck water cold and clear will never clean your wound

        G                         D7      Em     C                   D
There's none but the witch of the Westmorland can make thee hale and sound

   G                          C             G                     Em7
So turn, turn your stallion's head til his red mane flies in the wind

        G            D7        Em          C                  D
And the rider of the moon goes by and the bright star falls behind

     G                  C              G                 Em7
And clear was the paley moon when his shadow passed him by

   G                       D7      Em             C               D
Below the hills were the brightest stars when he heard the owlet cry

        G                    C        G                     Em7
Saying "Why do you ride this way, and wherefore came you here?"

    G                    D7       Em     C                     D
"I seek the Witch of the Westmorland who dwells by the winding mere"

         G                  C           G                 Em7
And it's weary by the Ullswater and the misty brake fern way

    G                        D7        Em       C              D
Til through the cleft of the Kirkstone Pass the winding water lay

         G                     C          G                     Em7
He said "Lie down, my brindled hound, and rest ye, my good grey hawk"

    G                    D7       Em         C                 D
And thee, my steed, may graze thy fill for I must dismount and walk

    G                     C        G                 Em7
But come when you hear my horn and answer swift the call

      G                     D7        Em           C                D
For I fear ere the sun will rise this morn ye will serve me best of all."

         G                   C         G              Em7
And it's down to the water's brim he's born the rowan shield

        G            D7       Em    C                       D
And the goldenrod he has cast in to see what the lake might yield

    G                     C         G                   Em7
And wet rose she from the lake, and fast and fleet went she

      G                D7     Em           C                  D
One half the form of a maiden fair with a jet black mare's body

    G                        C            G                Em7
And loud, long and shrill he blew til his steed was by his side

     G            D7        Em       C              D
High overhead the grey hawk flew and swiftly he did ride

    G                         C          G                      Em7
Say "Course well, my brindled hound, and fetch me the jet black mare

G                    D7        Em        C                   D
Stoop and strike, my good grey hawk, and bring me the maiden fair."

          G                         C            G                Em7
She said "Pray, sheathe thy silvery sword.  Lay down thy rowan shield

      G                D7         Em                C              D
For I see by the briny blood that flows you've been wounded in the field"

        G                         C           G                   Em7
And she stood in a gown of velvet blue, bound round with a silver chain

          G                    D7      Em        C                 D
and she's kissed his pale lips one and twice and three times round again

          G                               C         G                   Em7
And she's bound his wounds with the goldenrod, full fast in her arms he lay

    G            D7       Em             C               D
and he has risen hale and sound with the sun high in the day

          G                                C             G                 Em7
She said "Ride with your brindled hound at heel and your good grey hawk in hand

        G                 D7           Em            C                   D
There's none can harm the knight who's lain with the Witch of the Westmorland"
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