Ryan Adams – English Girls Approximately tab

Alright...this song is way too simple to keep messing up.  here's the right way to play it:

chords: G Am7 Am/B Am D Ce-3----3----0----0----2---0---|b-0----1----1----1----3---1---|G-0----0----2----2----2---0---|D-0----2----x----2----0---2---|A-2----0----2----0--------3---|E-3---------------------------|
intro: G-Am7 Verse: (the key to this is the strumming! listen to the song to get it down) G am7 G Am7 English Girls are pretty when they play guitar G am7 G am7 Crazy like the day just breakin and i ain't sure what for G am7 G am7 ain't got a mother or a father or a place to fall G Am7 G Am7 she got a brother into blues but he doesn't know the blues at all prechorus: D said you didn't love me it was right on time C G Am7 was just about to tell you but okay, alright... D said you didn't want me didn't mean a thing C G Am7 english girls can be so mean bridge: Am Am/B C But oh... look at you now Am Am/B C Oh, look at you now Am Am/B C Mmm, best I ever seen... D Am7 C Just a tall drink of water just-a pouring on down the sink there you go! pretty simple - should be more or less 100% accurate. enjoy.
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