Cemetery chords with lyrics by Say Anything - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Say Anything – Cemetery chords

These are very beginner chords and pretty much the same the whole way through. This is 
how I play it. There were no chords for this I could find on the internet so I came up 
with this, hope it works!

GThere's a cemetery deep below the sea
Cadd9They're the spaces reserved for fools like me
EmTried to kill myself at least a dozen times
Cadd9But nothin' seemed to turn out right
GNow I'd rather wait a half a century
Cadd9Soiling the bed of belligerent and wrinkly
EmEven when I go blind and lose my mind
Cadd9Nothing seemed to turn out right
GIf you want then when we die
Cadd9We'll ascend to someplace way up high
EmAt the gate they'll show you through
Cadd9If they ask me I'm with youuuuu
GYou're in my body
Cadd9You're, you're in my body
EmYou're in my body
DThat's where I think about you
SECOND VERSE AND CHORUS (exactly the same)
EmFalling asleep
Cadd9Asleep at the wheel, as I
EmApproach that gate
Cadd9I'm starting to feel, if you could
EmWake me up
Cadd9With only your touch
EmI could die with you
DLife would be enough
And so on...
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