Seahorses – Hello tab

This is one of my favourite songs of all time.
I've copied this from the official tab book of the album so it's 100% correct

Fmaj7 also sounds ok as an F, and its good to play the full G chord, with all 4 fingers down.

Daug               G           G/F#           Fmaj7
       I know the wind and the rain and the lightning
           E                 C
And the thunder's filled my brain
         Cm                 G           D
Have I changed? I'm asking you

       G          G/F#           Fmaj7
All I know is the sun and it's shining
E              C       Cm               G
Way above my cloud so high it can't be found
We all look around

For the times we left behind
                 C                         G
Oh, well never mind, I'll take you there tomorrow
                    Am                     C
And I'm sorry if I seem to always vent my spleen
                              Cm   G
It's not the path I coose to fo--llow
So hello
I hope you're still my friend
I think I'm on the mend
        Fmaj7   E                 C
And you know    I don't mean to offend
          Cm            G   D7
I wish we all could fly

        G          A             F
All I know is the sun and it's shining
  E           C
Way above my cloud
    Cm                  G         (G to fade)
So high... It can't be found

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