Seahorses – Your Ghost chords

(Your Ghost)
By Seahorses!
From Musical Beds Vol. 1

This isn't exactly how they do it on the record, but it's pretty close and sounds good.
Let me know if you have any suggestions (or feel free to make a different version).
Listen for the exact times of the chord changes! Enjoy!

Capo 3, Standard Tuning

INTRO - A, C#m, Bm, E (x2)

A C#mTell me you want something more
Bm EThan what I want to give.
AOr tear me apart,
C#m BmLeave me there on the floor
E - Fm - F#mBeside your bed, inside your room
EWhat was that?
Bm EYour expression left a trail in my head.
F#m E Bm EWithout you I lose all my direction.
ATell me I'm yours.
A C#m Bm EBaby I'd take the train just to reach you in the dark.
A C#mAnd I'd call out your name when you're close,
Bm E - Fm - F#mnear or you're far, far away.
E Bm EIs it love that keeps us here tonight?
F#m EOh is it love, is it this love,
Bm Ethat keeps us here for life?
BmYou walk out the door,
Eyou walk out on me
Bmor crawl in my arms.
EAnd you'll never leave me, you've gotta believe me.
A C#m Bm EEveryone's moving along except me.
A C#m Bm EI've been carrying your ghost across the country.
A C#mLover you left me when you left
Bm EOur home on Shoebox Square.
A C#mI never thought I'd be the one
Bm ETo leave all of this here
Fm - F#minside your room,
Einside your bed.
Bm Elove has been and love has fled
F#minside this house
Einside this fence.
Bm ELove has hit and love has missed.
You walk out the door, you walk out on me or crawl in my arms. And you'll never leave me, you've gotta believe me. Everyone's moving along except me. I've been carrying your ghost across the country. (Repeat as many times as necessary, end on E)
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