Seahorses – Love Me And Leave Me tab

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Artist: The Seahorses
Song: Love me and Leave me

From the album - Do it Yourself

This song was written by Liam Gallagher and John Squire and is pretty tricky
in certain places. However, it gets easier with a bit of practice.

Standard tuning.

Chords: Em   - 022000
	Em7  - 022030
	Em6  - 022020
	A    - X02220
	A7   - X02020
	D    - XX0232
	Dmaj7- XX0222
	Dm   - XX0231
	G    - 320003
	F#7  - 244320
	Bm   - X24432
This song has two guitars playing in it but I have just tabbed
the dominant guitar parts (or should I say the only ones I know!!).
The intro to this song is played on an electric with overdrive.
However, the verses have a more cleaner sound and can be played 
on electric or acoustic guitars.


Verse Em7 A Don't believe in Jesus Dmaj7 G Don't believe in Jah Em F#7 Bm Don't believe in the wars we fight just to prove how real we are Fill
G A7 I believe in lovers Dmaj7 G I believe in friends Em F#7 Bm I believe in heaven on earth 'til the beginning ends Chorus A Love me and leave me E6 Love me and leave me D A Love me and leave me, leave me to love D Dm A Don't you ever tell me it, came from above E9 Just love me and leave me A Leave me to love (Here there is a kind of run down - see below. There are two guitars playinghere but I have just tabbed one as I am not sure of the second guitar part.)
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