Seahorses – Love Is The Law tab

Song Title - Love Is The Law
Artists - The Seahorses
Album Title - Do It Yourself
Track Number - 5
Length - 7:44
Songwriter - John Squire

Transcribed - Carl Kent
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Chords Used(with Capo)- 2 = open

I'm sure these are right, but they are off the top of my head

F# - 244322
B - 224442
D - 254232
C#7 - 446464
E - 222454
C# - 446664
Bsus4 - 799977
B2 - 799877
Asus4 - 577755
A - 577655
G# - 466544
G#7sus4 - 464644
A2 - 542255

O.K this is an easy basis for the song. It's my first tab, so if
there's any mistakes, then tell me and i'll corrrect them. I'll only
tab the first half of the song, which is the same as the single, because
it will take me far too long to tab the 4 minute solo. There are lots of
lead parts during the verse, but there preety easy to work out, if you
can't, maybe you should put the guitar down.


Capo 2nd fret = tabbed as 2nd fret is 0, third fret is 1,etc

INTRO (x2)

VERSE 1 F# We lived in a dogfish egg case, you can barely call it home, B sorry little lot, no roof on top F# but the fish left us alone. D C#7 F# Try a little more, said the girl next door, it's time to roam. FILL 1
VERSE 2 - Chords - as VERSE 1 Mad Lizzy crumbs, blind cobblers, were a sight to behold, she was a rum old slapper and we always tried to get her pants off when she phoned. Left her cap by the sink, it's not what you think, oh take me home. (FILL 1) CHORUS 2 F# Now we know where we're going baby, we can E B lay back, and enjoy the ride. F# Take in the sights and drown in our senses, E F# love is the law, so take me deep B inside. (INTRO RIFF x1) VERSE 3 - Chords - as VERSE 1 Strap-on Sally, chased us down the alley, we feared for our behinds, Oasis was a shop, with shoes so hot, they were sure to blow your minds. Running so fast, I could taste the, oh take me home. CHORUS 2 F# Now we know where we're going baby, we can E B lay back, and enjoy the ride. F# Take in the sights and drown in our senses, E F# love is the law, so take me deep E inside....... BRIDGE - No guitar after B E B These waters run deep it's clear my little one, blue velvet star sky not a sound. The light in your eyes, the smile on your ruby lips, tells me my lost soul is E /C# /Bsus4 /B2 /Asus4 /A /G# /G#7sus4 /G# found. CHORUS 3 - The key of the song has now changed! B Now we know where we're going baby,we can A2 E lay back and enjoy the ride. B Take in the sights and drown in our senses, A2 B love is the law, so take me deep E /F# inside FINAL RIFF
There's a little bass solo, which is then followed by one of the best solo's i've ever heard. If you haven't got the album vesion - get it. Squire now goes mental and some parts are un-tabable, but with hard work you'll probably be able to work some of it out. The chords over the solo are similar to the ones used in the verse and chorus.
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