Shane And Shane – Psalm 143 Revive Me tab

All notes relative to Capo 2

Verse riff: (Capo 2)Finger picks around this general chord progression:G Em C D------------------------------------------------------------0-----0-------|----------------------------------------------------------3--3----3--3----|----0-0h2h4p2------2-0----0-0h2h4p2------2-0----4-4p2p0-----------2-------|----------------0-----0---------------0------0----------2-------0---------|----------------------------------------------3--3---------3--------------|-3----------------3----0----------------0------------------------------2--|
Repeat Bridge: Am7 [x02010] F2 [x33210] teach me to do Your will Lord F2a [x33010] Am7 for you are my God F2 F2a Your Spirit is good good good Am7 F2 F2a lead me on level ground Lord Am7 for You are my God F2 Your Spirit is good D [xx0232] it is good Chorus: G Em Am7 revive me, revive me Dsus D D/F# G not for me but for Your name Em Am7 Dsus D in Your mercy deliver me from my enemies D/F# G revive me key change chorus at the end: Em Am7 Dsus D Your mercy deliver me from my enemies F E revive me...... A2 E D E A2 ...for Your name E D E in Your mercy deliver me from my enemies A2 revive me Chords: G [3x0033] Em [022033] Am7 [x02010] A2 [x02200] Dsus [x00233] D [x00232] D/F# [200230]
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