Darkness chords with lyrics by Tab Benoit - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Tab Benoit – Darkness chords

This is such a cool song and Tab is an amazing guitarist and songwriter, but if you are
like me and can only play one scale --slowly, at that-- chords are your preference. This
is super easy and i recommend playing the Fm as a barre- it sounds more complete and is 
necessary if you did want to try out picking the notes and scales like Tab does. I try to
put the chords exactly where the go in the song, but it moves around in the finished tab.

FmI'm walkin' slow
With a weary mind
C7She's draggin' me low
FmI'm fallin' behind
You got me where you want me Still I keep on tryin'
C7Tryin' to see through the darkness
FmBetween you and I
Sometimes it gets hard to find Any love of any kind
C7Lord turn on the love light
FmBefore I go blind
And pick me up off the ground Let's let our hearts shine
C7Shine our way through the darkness
FmBetween you and I
You know I love you But I did you wrong
C7And we both made our choices
FmNow it's time to move on
So please, please forgive me And let's walk side by side
C7And fill in this darkness
FmBetween you and I
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