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Tab Benoit – Sunrise chords


"SUNRISE" by Tab Benoit

INTRO: G - D - C - F - F#7 - G (2x)

G D I watch the sunrise alone again
C F F#7 GAnd I'm beginning to think that that's my only friend
D CYou find me every day, keep me warm
FYes, that's the only thing I can always count on
EmWith your eyes in the sky
A7 As you travel 'round this world
C DYou're the only one that can find my girl
G And when you do
C G Ctell her I love her
G C I'm thinking of her
D Cand I was wrong
G CWe been fighting
G Cover nothing
G CShine your light longer
F F#7 GSo she could find her way back home
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