I Got Loaded tab with lyrics by Tab Benoit - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Tab Benoit – I Got Loaded tab

This is the third song on Tab's album "Wetlands." It's a really easy song in E major.
solos aren't figured out just yet, but I may come back and add them later. Anyways, it's
(extremely) short, so you don't need to remember much. Just two parts, really. This is 
first (as well as the intro):

That's your verse lick, and this here is your chorus lick:
^^^^^^ (repeat few times) That's it. Tab adds a bit of muting during the "6p5--6" part, which you will hear when the song for yourself if you have a recording (which is always a good idea when you're at TAB). The song will be very self explanatory to you when you listen to it and play It's a very simple song and really fun to play. A great note to add to solos, I find, before this TAB ends, is the flatted third in this It works in a lot of blues songs in major keys, too, so you can use it outside of here. it is is a G note, where the third in an E major scale would be G#. A great lick to use be something like this:
That's all one lick, but it's very simple. Good luck with the song, and thanks for the time to read my TAB! :)
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