Tenacious D – Sasquatch tab

Left handed

Bm           A                        E	     A
There were some scientists  tryin to figure out the Sasquatch riddle
Bm           A                        E   			F#-G-F#
Then they figured out it was a missing link
Bm           A                        E		    A
In search of Sasquatch, that was a kick-ass "In search of"
Bm           A                        E	
with Leonard Nimoy kickin out the JAMS ah!
Bm           A                        E	     A
He captured imagination, of people all around the globe
Bm           A                        E   			F#-G-F#
His name was Sasquatch so i'm told
Bm           A                        C	          G
His legend's ancient in the ancient scribe of the In-dian tribe
Bm           A                        E   	F#-G-F#
Apache Tribe

Bm           A	        Bm
Sasquatch, we know your legend’s real
Sasquatch, we know your love is real
Sasquatch, ah ah ha ha, 

You and Tenacious D are real

Scientists have proven that the Sasquatch he is real
Take a look at the plaster cast of his foot now you know he's real

Listen real close to the audio tape 
not a human now you know he's real

Couldn't be a man in a gorilla suit 
no f%#@n' way now you know he's real

Every time I take a dump, a steamy dump, man I know he’s real
Look inside my anus and you know Sasquatch is real

Real, real, real, real, real, real, really-real, real
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