Tenacious D – 39 chords

                             39 - Tenacious D
Tabbed by: tariso
Email: toenang@gmail.com


G(x2)  -  C(x2)  -  G(x2)  -  D(x2)

GShe's 39 but she still looks young
CNot very young, but a lot of fun
G DShe's my 39th lady, in the sun
G49 and I'm feeling fine
CIn the sun, it's a lot of fun
D C GDrinkin' mai tais, kickin' back with my flip-flops on
Am DI'm wearin' socks and my toe is tight
G EmI think about her every damn night
Am C G39 year-old lady, she looks pretty good to me
GI'm 49, drinkin' white wine
C DNot goin' out with no 19 year-old chickities no more
C GFrom now on I got my 39 year-old whore
CDon't you call her a whore
GI'll fuckin' tear your esophagus out
Em CShe's sweet and she's getting old
DAnd she's mine, to have and to hold
GShe needs a dentist appointment quick
CI pay for it and she sucka my dick
D C GWhen we text each other, I fiddle with my anus
GI stick the finger in it!
Am DThen I fuckin' didariddly doo
Em C GAnd I fuckin' gots to spew
D GUpon my belly, dripped upon my shoe
GGet me a tissue
GChardonnay in the setting sun
CShe's 39, but she's number one
D CGet the apartment just right
Gshe's comin' over tonight
Em CI like it cause I don't feel scared
Em DShe's 39, I'm in my underwear
CHere she comes, comin' down the hallway
GShe's knockin' on my door!
GI open the door
CThere she is, not too bad, good enough
D C G39 year-old lady, young enough for me
Am D GBoobies droopin', but she's good enough for me
Am D EmTrimmed her pussy hairs, good enough for me
C D GMature woman, she's my lady
G CUh huh, uh huh, ooh yeah
C DShe ain't gonna be fuckin' around with no other guys
C GNanananah-nah, she's mine, she's my special lady
GSpecial lady
G C We can see a fuckin' movie
D C GAnd agree it's a total piece of shit
G CComfortable shoes, never loose
D C GWe can fuckin' talk about some things
Am D GShe don't need no diamond rings
Am D She don't need no
GDiamond rings
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